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Diversified Structural Composites develops the tooling and processes to manufacture products, and efficiently produces pultruded profiles for a wide variety of end use applications. The early company known as Diversified Fabricators Incorporated, was founded in 1978 as pultrusion producer of technical carbon epoxy products. Today Diversified Structural Composites' corporate offices and main manufacturing plant is located in Erlanger, Kentucky, 1 mile from the Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky International Airport.

Diversified Structural Composites from its origins as a "technical" pultrusion fabricator has continued to refine and expand our capabilities into a number of process options that can provide the right composite material for your need. Important to the end performance of any pultruded shape is the right choice of high performance fiber, from fiber glass to high modulus carbon, and the placement of those materials. For example Diversified Structural Composites can braid in line at the time of part consolidation opening up unique fiber placement and performance options.

Diversified Structural Composites provides proprietary resin systems of polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy, urethanes, and others which are selected to meet performance and cost objectives. We produce profiles ranging from rods as small as .011" in diameter to panels of 250 lbs. In addition to manufacturing pultruded shapes, Diversified Structural Composites provides a number of value added services including secondary finishing operations such as machining, thermoplastic coating, assembly and painting. The majority of our managers are engineers with approximately 125 years of combined experience in the composite industry. We recognize the need for superior quality and adhere to rigid standards required by our customers and their markets.

Please visit our entire website to discover how Diversified Structural Composites can work with you to create value in the use of pultruded composite profiles.

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