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Diversified Composites focuses its strengths on 6 important areas of pultrusion:

Resin Technology
Our company was found by a polymer chemist that taught us many years ago the importance of optimizing the resin chemistry. Why should you settle for an average part when you can have a better part?

Diversified Composites has 45 combined years of experience in braiding textiles. We have adapted braiding technology to the pultrusion process to further improve the properties of the parts that we produce. Braiding is tremendously useful in areas that required high torque and high hoop strength.

Diversified Structural Composites, Inc. braiding

Specialty fibers
The primary fibers that we use in pultrusion are fiberglass and carbon fiber. Over the years we have successfully made parts using S-glass, aramid, high modulus and exotic carbon fiber, and quartz fiber.

Complex shapes
We have the ability to pultruded virtually any shape. Parts can have wall thickness as low as 0.020. thick to multiple hollow (mandrels). Many of these parts are used in the window and door market as well as replacing aluminum extrusion.

Diversified Structural Composites, Inc. complex shapes

Micro rod
Our micro rod technology, Graphlite. gives us the ability to make rods as small a as 0.011. in diameter at a very high rate of production. This process also makes s parts that have exceptionally fiber volumes fractions that make them tremendously strong. (As high as 420 ksi tensile strength)

Diversified Structural Composites, Inc. micro rod

Our spooling technology allows us to coil diameters up to ½ inch diameter and up to 25,000 ft long.

Diversified Structural Composites, Inc. spool

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